Travel + Leisure Picks Their Top Airline Snacks

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In the April issue of Travel + Leisure, writer Melanie Lieberman goes deep inside the beast that is the airline snack industry for an in-depth expose on– wait. No. That’s not true. There’s no incisive investigative reporting, but there is a pretty fun listicle/slideshow about the best snacks served on-board various airlines.

From Delta’s might-as-well-be-called-Deltoff’s Biscoff cookies to LAN’s Argentinian alfajores, the snacks in “17 Airline Snacks We Want to Eat Right Now” are all great representations of their respective airlines. They call out the Turkish Delight from Turkish Airlines, shrimp crackers on Korean Air, and so much more. It’s a great list to get you excited for an upcoming flight.

So get ready to do some clicking and check out the super cool snacks on airlines around the world.



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