Welcome to Mt. Hood Territory (@inMtHood) Week!

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Fly&Diners! I’m so excited to report that today marks the beginning of Mt. Hood Territory Week on Fly&Dine. Oregon’s Mt. Hood Territory is an outdoor dreamscape filled with mountains, rivers, singing birds, magical princesses, and evil witches. Wait. I may be thinking of the setting of most Disney cartoons. Based on what I’ve been told, though, Oregon’s Mt. Hood Territory is JUST LIKE THE SETTING OF DISNEY CARTOONS! Except for the princesses and witches.

The Clackamas County/Oregon’s Mt. Hood Territory Tourism Board (not their official name) is sending me up to their neck of the woods (literally) for the next few days and I’ll be posting about the journey here on Fly&Dine. I’ll be exploring the food scene at the PDX airport, checking out a bunch of breweries and wineries, and tracking down the best in food on-the-go while I’m up there. I can’t wait to share it all with you!

Check Fly&Dine every morning for a recap of my time up in Oregon’s Mt. Hood Territory and what promises to be an excellent (and quite beautiful) trip!


Photo via Oregon’s Mt. Hood Territory on Facebook

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