World’s 6 Best Airport Booze Stores Named by Food Republic

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Who doesn’t love a nice stop at the Duty Free shop? The liquor selection is usually enormous and without paying that tax, you’re saving a nice chunk of change. Food Republic contributor Emily Saladino (disclosure: I don’t know her, but I’ve been a columnist for Food Republic for years) dives into the airport liquor (and wine) game with gusto and comes out with six airport shops where you an stock up on your favorite tipples with joy. Here are her picks:

Portland International Airport: House Spirits Distillery
Local spirits from a PDX-area distiller? What could be more Portland than that.

Dubai International Airport: Le Clos
Rich people and free tastings? It’s a perfect match.

McCarren International Airport: Liquor Library
It’s a liquor store near baggage claim, which means they smartly studied their customers before building the shop. Everyone knows that you drink like a dolphin in the Mirage show when you arrive and avoid alcohol like a night with Carrot Top when you leave.

San Francisco International Airport: Napa Farms Market
You’re near Napa, so you might as well drink like it.

Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport: Surdyk’s Flights
Stop here, dontchaknow?

Singapore Changi Airport: The Entire Airport
From Saladino: “SIN is in the midst of an $85 million overhaul to four terminals’ worth of wine and spirits. Highlights to include 85,000+ square feet of retail space, Asia’s largest single-malt Scotch collection and the first-ever airport outpost of Raffles’ iconic Long Bar, serving Singapore Slings and more with a smile. Renovations will start rolling out by end of 2014, and should be complete by 2016.” Sounds like it’s time to book an award ticket to SIN ASAP.


  1. SF UNCORKED San Francisco United # 3 (next to gate #84);
    One of the best shops at the Airport !Great prices !You will find great wines from Napa(Brown, Plumpjack,G reen & Red ,Truchard ,Continuum , Mason , Noemi(only sold in California), from Sonoma (Hunter , Ottimino ,Knuttel , Central Coast (Ojai , Talley , Stolpman , Bonaccorsi , Palmina and some fantastic brands from outside California such Beaux Freres Pinot.

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