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We’re off and running!

It’s official: we’re not a one-hit wonder! We’re thrilled to be sending you Your Oyster, Volume 2. We had a tremendous response to our first newsletter and we’re so grateful to everyone for reading and sending in their own pearls. We can’t wait to share the incredible recommendations from others readers just like you (like the fabulous Mexico pearl below!). As a reminder, if you want to share your very own pearl with the group, send it over so we can include it in an upcoming newsletter. Enough talk! On to the latest pearls!

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Eat. Tokyo. The Most Expensive Sushi Bar in the World.

What: Japan Airlines First Class Lounge

Where: Narita International Airport (NRT) Terminal 2.

What makes it special: Oddly enough, all of the sushi here is actually  free. It’s technically the most expensive sushi bar in the world because it’s inside the First Class Lounge and to get access you’ll need to be flying First Class on Japan Airlines, which can set you back more than $20,000 (Emerald status with the oneworld alliance will also get you in). Once inside, you can feast — three pieces at a time — on hand-rolled sushi from the sushi masters behind the counter. The type of sushi changes by the week and you may get glares if you try to ask for more than your allotted three pieces, but there’s no better way to say sayonara to Japan than a sushi bonanza as you watch planes take off.

In your own words: “I told myself to take it easy because I knew I had a giant meal waiting for me on the flight back to LAX, but who can resist unlimited sushi in Japan? I went back up at least six times. By the last time, I think the sushi chefs were getting scared that I was going to clean them out of tuna.”

Submitted by: Jason Kessler. Favorite travel accessory:Anker PowerCore. Least favorite airline: Royal Air Maroc.


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Do. Mexico City. Art History Connected by a Bridge. 

What: Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo House Studio Museum

Where: Colonia San Ãngel, Mexico City

What makes it special: Art lovers may be more familiar with Frida Kahlo’s Casa Azul in Coyoacan, but she and husband Diego Rivera also had twin houses/studiosconnected via bridge in the charming old world neighborhood of San Ãngel. Are adjoining houses the key to a successful marriage? Maybe. The buildings are now a museum and inside you’ll discover important works by the iconic artists including a set of larger-than-life papier-mâché figures made by Rivera right there in the studio. They’re pretty much guaranteed to haunt your dreams. The contents of the museum are special, but so are the buildings themselves. Designed by Juan O’Gorman in the early 1930s, the twin houses offer a cool peek into modern Spanish architecture of the era.

In your own words: “You will surely be inspired by the extensive art collection in Diego’s studio of pre-Columbian sculptures, pottery, paintings and drawings. I suggest, as a bonus, walking about a mile through the lovely cobblestone streets and attending El Bazaar Sabado where you will simply lose yourself in an abundance of local vendors selling one-of-a-kind pieces of art, jewelry, embroideries, ceramics, and clothing.”

Submitted by: Penelope Gil. Favorite quick bite: Blue corn tlacoyos in Mexico City. Favorite travel tip: Drink mineral water at every meal to help keep you hydrated and help with digestion.


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Stay. California. Feel Like Gold.

What: Golden Door Spa & Resort

Where: San Marcos, CA

What makes it special: In your most tranquil dreams, you probably still can’t imagine the serenity that comes from a stay at the Golden Door. Located midway between Orange County and San Diego, this sprawling 600-acre resort is designed like a Japanese ryokan with everything you need to forget that Twitter even exists. Meditation, hiking, yoga, and meals crafted from the on-site garden are just a few of the real-life New Year’s Resolutions you can partake in. There’s also a huge focus on physical wellness with personal trainers, pilates, aerobics classes, and even a Watsu water therapy pool. The centerpiece of the whole experience is the award-winning spa where you learn the true definition of the word pampered. This is the place to get your mind and body feeling great before you go home and remember that you still have to deal with the crushing reality of everyday life.

In your words: “Both times I’ve gone, I’ve been impressed by the number of return visitors. I met one woman who had been there at least 20 times! The attention to detail and to the needs of the visitors is amazing. And yes, it’s expensive. But 100% of the net profits go to charity, so at least you can feel good about spending the money. There are also shorter weeks if you want to spend less. But it knows what it is and who it attracts, so there aren’t really any bargains.”
Submitted by: Lauren Lexton. Favorite stores in LA: OK andNoodle Stories. Current favorite NYC restaurant: Flora Barin the Met Breuer.


One last pearl: Cabo is getting an upgrade. In the past few years, high-end hotels have been opening in Los Cabos like crazy, bringing a new level of luxury to Baja. The Montage, The Cape (a Thompson Hotel), Grand Velas, and The Viceroy have all set up shop on the beach recently. Coming in 2019, expect to see Zadún (a Ritz-Carlton Reserve property) and the Four Seasons Los Cabos while Nobu Hotelstarts taking reservations in April for those looking for some Mexican flair with their sashimi.


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