AA Sneak Preview, 911 Calls, and More, More, More!

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Sundays mean farmers markets and naps and obscure sports that somehow become compelling (sure, I’ll watch this jai alai match…). They also mean Fly&Dine Recaps. If you’ve gotten your fill of competitive curling and cup stacking, then go ahead and catch up on these enthralling stories from the week that was in Fly&Dine:

Sneak Preview of American Airline’s NEW First Class Menu Items


What Kind of Food Do They Serve on the EVA #HelloKitty Planes?


A Call to 911: How Last Night’s Dinner Ended with an Ambulance


You’ll Never Guess Which City Has the Most Expensive Room Service


INFOGRAPHIC: Room Service Facts Around the Globe


This Mind-Blowing 8-Layer Birthday Cake Left Me Speechless

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