ANA Brings LA Fine Dining to the Sky

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Los Angeles is the city where fine dining went to die. While New York and Chicago still carry the banner of the besuited service staff high and proud, LA has watched its fine dining restaurants get picked off like high-ranking government officials in a terrible sniper movie. I wrote a story a few years back on the best fine dining in LA and it was nearly impossible to find five restaurants that even qualified. One of those restaurants, Patina, is still going strong and showing Angelenos that even though ties may be sins here, top notch food and service are not entirely lost.


This is all a long preamble to tell you that Patina has partnered with ANA, “Japan’s leading airline,” to offer their French-driven menus in business class from LAX to Tokyo starting on December 1st. The collaboration is scheduled to last for a year and the menus will be adjusted every season. For its grand debut, the Patina/ANA partnership will roll out organic scrambled eggs on toasted brioche with California Hass avocados, applewood smoked bacon and crispy breakfast potatoes as its breakfast option and grouper with almond pistou, cranberry beans and confit tomatoes or a fillet of beef with potato and black chanterelle mushrooms for lunch and dinner. Man, do I love run-on sentences. In February, passengers get to check out a whole new selection of offerings from Patina Executive Chef Joachim Splichal.

Looks like it’s finally time to book that ticket to Tokyo…


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