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Airport Restaurant Review: AeroNuova at JFK

First and foremost, let me apologize. Unlike a regular restaurant review, I’m not able to return to the restaurant several times to try the entire menu and create a response based on the culmination of several experiences. I ate at AeroNuova once and paid for it out-of-pocket. I did so anonymously and present to you…

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Would You Pay for Food with Miles?

Paying for food with miles? No, this isn’t some weird mile geek’s dream of the future. It’s about to become a reality at United’s Terminal C at Newark Liberty (EWR). Along with a whole slew of new restaurants, OTG and United are installing 6,000 iPads throughout the terminal that will become ordering terminals. Flyers can…

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Sample Airport Restaurant Week Menus

Earlier today I told you about the debut of HMSHost’s Airport Restaurant Week running for the very first time starting in November. Now I’m back with some menus for you. The first one is from Dungeness Bay Seafood House at Seattle’s Sea-Tac Airport. The second is for the very-punny Cowboy Ciao at Phoenix Sky Harbor.…

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Airport Restaurant Month Coming in October

Restaurant Weeks have popped up all over the world as a way to entice diners to come in and try new places that may be out of their daily options for whatever reason (usually price). Now, the Restaurant Week concept is finding its way into your local airport thanks to HMSHost, the global airport restauranteur.…

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LAX T2 Begins Transformation Process

Terminal 2 at LAX is kind of like that awkward cousin that lives down the street. While you and your friends United, American, and Delta play together, T2 is off in the corner drawing weird pictures of combination bear-dolphins. Every other terminal at LAX has a major carrier anchoring it, but Terminal 2 is a…

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