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Martin Sheen Says Goodbye to the World

John Oliver has been doing incredible work in the comedy-news game. While I enjoyed his contributions to The Daily Show, he’s really come into his own since the premiere of his HBO show, Last Week Tonight. Every week, Oliver tackles pretty big issues and goes further in-depth than most major news networks. He took on…

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Most Vegetarians Go Back to Meat

Are you a vegetarian? Have you always been? This may surprise you, but if you made the choice to become a vegetarian, there’s a really good chance that you’ll be back to eating meat soon enough. That’s what a recent study by the Humane Research Council found: astonishingly, 84% of the vegetarians and vegans go…

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Video: Korean Girls Eating American Snacks

YouTube is a magical place filled with crazy/weird/wonderful/awkward/illuminating things. Case in point? This video of Korean girls trying snacks from America. The premise is simple, but it yields great results. PopTarts? “Tastes like a toy.” I’m sure the reverse video of American girls eating Korean snacks would be equally amusing… Oh, here it is! BuzzFeed…

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Fireworks Factory Explodes

I’m sorry. I know I said I wasn’t going to just repost things I found elsewhere, but come on. A fireworks factory is exploding. You have to see that, right?   In an effort to live up to my resolution to provide some insightful Fly&Dine analysis on stories like this, let me just say that…

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