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How to Watch Netflix at Your Hotel

Airlines and hotels are notoriously slow to respond to developments in the real world. While the Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Prime Video streaming game has been mainstream (mainstream, ha!) for years now, you still can’t watch these streaming services in many of the world’s hotels. Sure, there are a few boutique hotels that have gotten with the program…

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In-Room Dining Review: Ojai Valley Inn

In terms of ultimate luxuries in life, the list goes: Taking a bath in chocolate pudding Eating hot dogs at a cookout Ordering room service There’s just something about having a full meal delivered to your room, complete with a white tablecloth, silver domes (fun fact: they’re called cloches), and tiny bottles of condiments. It…

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6 Rules for Taking Dogs to Hotels

This past weekend, I took a little family vacation with my girlfriend and my dog up to the ultra-pet-friendly Ojai Valley Inn. It was the first time I was bringing Cleo Bagels (my dog, not my girlfriend) to a hotel and I was nervous. Cleo is a wonderful little mutt and she’s very well-trained —…

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Munchery: The New Side of Food Delivery

For a few years now, there’s been a growing category of food delivery that’s like the cousin of regular restaurant delivery. Some services offer to drop off the ingredients to make your favorite meals while other others deliver full meals that you merely need to reheat. Munchery falls in the latter category. They just came…

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