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A Visit to the Pillhofer in Nuremberg

We’ve got another trip through the travels of Mr. Paul Bacon. This time, we’re heading to Nuremberg… On December 26 most of the restaurants are still closed for the Christmas holiday. We asked the hotel for a restaurant that may be open and after they called around they found one that was available. We made…

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Scoping the Best Food in Portland, OR

Fly&Dine Contributor Paul Bacon returns with a delicious tour of Portland, OR. For more Fly&Dine PDX coverage, click here. I have heard the stories of how Portland has become a foodie paradise. I have seen the Food Network and Travel Channel where they have toured Portland. My question was, “Is it really?” I now have…

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The Finest Sandwich in the Midwest

Fly&Dine Contributor Paul Bacon is back with his latest find. Take it away, Paul… Des Moines, Iowa has a restaurant that is very famous. It has been featured in newspapers, magazines, and TV shows. I have been coming to Des Moines for five years and somehow I missed it on each trip. To add insult…

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Grille District Now Open at DCA/Reagan/National

Today’s post was sent in by longtime Fly&Dine reader and avid traveler Paul Bacon. If you’d like to submit a story to Fly&Dine and experience all of the glory therein, please send a message to with the subject line “Submission.” Take it away, Paul! Today was the long awaited opening of the Grille District…

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