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Turkey Week Round-Up

A good Sunday to you, Fly&Diners. I’ve been holding back on posting since Wednesday because I think we could all use a break during the holidays. Now that we’re flying back to our regularly scheduled lives, it seemed appropriate to crank up the Fly&Dine machine again and get back into the gravy-covered swing of things.…

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The Case of the Missing Sunday

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m on a trip to Morocco this week and that meant spending a night in New York on Saturday. From 10am on Saturday morning until 10am Monday morning (Morocco time), I’ve been without internet access and that meant Sunday came and went without a Fly&Dine weekly recap post. Instead of just…

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Madrid Trip Round-Up!

It’s with great sadness that I say goodbye to Madrid. I loved my time here and was so happy to help the NH Collection EuroBuilding Hotel celebrate their grand re-opening. If you haven’t kept up with my trip, relive it all today while I fly back on not one, but two airlines I’ve never flown…

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