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Scoping the Best Food in Portland, OR

Fly&Dine Contributor Paul Bacon returns with a delicious tour of Portland, OR. For more Fly&Dine PDX coverage, click here. I have heard the stories of how Portland has become a foodie paradise. I have seen the Food Network and Travel Channel where they have toured Portland. My question was, “Is it really?” I now have…

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Ranking the World’s Best Airline Food

There are some topics that come up repeatedly in the tiny corner of the world that Fly&Dine occupies. One of them is why airline food tastes so bad. Another is about who has the best airline food in the whole wide world. They both make sense, based on what internet readers gravitate towards. Explanations of…

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Photo Tour: French Gourmet Trip Day 3

If you’ve missed any of the previous photo tours from my French Gourmet Trip, go ahead and catch up here: French Gourmet Trip Day 1 Photo Tour: French Gourmet Trip Day 2 Good. Now that you’re all caught up, it’s time to join me for Day 3 of the journey towards the Bocuse d’Or in…

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Photo Tour: French Gourmet Trip Day 2

I never expected to love France this much. Everyone talks about how charming it is and I thought it was just hype, but it’s not. Wine, cheese, and truffles aren’t mere extravagances here. They’re part of everyday life. The people are relaxed and friendly, with a healthy dose of cynicism in almost every conversation. The…

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French Gourmet Trip Day 1

It’s officially Day 2 of my French Gourmet Trip and Day 1 finished out STRONG. I took a walking city of Vieux Lyon (the old city), experienced the B.I.G. (no relation to anyone Notorious — it’s actually the biennale international du goût, the world’s largest food festival that takes place specifically in a tunnel), and…

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