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The Latest on Uber and LYFT at LAX

Are you an Uber LAX supporter? Are you tired of paying the taxi company’s outrageous $19 minimum to hail a cab at LAX? Does the phrase “LYFT LAX” sound like sweet, sweet music to your traveling ears? If so, read on for where we stand on the all-important question of Uber and Lyft picking up…

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BREAKING: LAX Officially Approves Uber and Lyft!

┬áMake sure to check out Fly&Dine’s Uber LAX Guide! What a year it’s been for Uber in Los Angeles. The ride-sharing service introduced Uber Pool, Uber Eats (formerly Uber Fresh), and cut the costs of UberX down significantly. Now comes word that LAX airport officials have agreed to let ride-share services actually operate at the…

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Uber is one of the best things to happen to travelers since tiny bottles of liquor. I use it constantly to avoid airport parking fees, hefty cab ride costs, and the indignity of showing up in a giant blue shuttle that took three hours to get to the airport. Figuring out the Uber LAX game…

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Would You Pay $10 for Yogurt?

“That’ll be $9.76. Is that okay?” That was exactly the question posed to me by the cashier at the La Provence Bakery at LAX’s Terminal 4. It was very early on a Sunday morning and I was hungry after rushing into an Uber without breakfast. I wanted something light before my flight to Louisville and…

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