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JetBlue Adds New Free Snacks on Flights

You’re getting more options with those blue potato chips, folks! JetBlue has been one of my favorite airlines for years and a lot of that is thanks to their free snack policy. Just yesterday, the airline announced that they’re adding two great new options to their free snack lineup. You’ll still be able to grab…

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Video: Korean Girls Eating American Snacks

YouTube is a magical place filled with crazy/weird/wonderful/awkward/illuminating things. Case in point? This video of Korean girls trying snacks from America. The premise is simple, but it yields great results. PopTarts? “Tastes like a toy.” I’m sure the reverse video of American girls eating Korean snacks would be equally amusing… Oh, here it is! BuzzFeed…

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Travel + Leisure Picks Their Top Airline Snacks

In the April issue of Travel + Leisure, writer Melanie Lieberman goes deep inside the beast that is the airline snack industry for an in-depth expose on– wait. No. That’s not true. There’s no incisive investigative reporting, but there is a pretty fun listicle/slideshow about the best snacks served on-board various airlines. From Delta’s might-as-well-be-called-Deltoff’s…

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Is This the Best Paleo Traveling Snack?

Fly&Dine started as a blog about food while you travel and I mostly covered meals, but every now and then I’d post a story about the unsung hero of traveling:Ā snacks. This is kind of backwards, because while meals are definitely important, I’d say most of my travel days (by air, at least) focus much more…

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